The Two Printer Strategy

There is a school of thought that says one printer is enough in an office.  Another tells you to give certain groups in your office their own printing capability.

You really should consider the second option.

“We’ve discovered when multiple departments, even in small companies, have a dedicated printer,” Greg Farmer said,” that productivity improves and printer problems diminish.”

Greg should know.  As the founder and co-owner of Farmer Business Systems, he is one of the largest Xerox dealers in North Texas. He has serviced thousands of clients and machines over the 25 years he has been in business.

“Recently we returned to a long-time client’s office on a service call,” Greg said. “Their main administrative group and their 3-person graphics department were using one large-volume, color copier between them.  We had been out numerous times because with the large volume of throughput and multiple users, the machine was struggling.”

“What we ended up doing after a short analysis,” Greg continued,” was provide two printers: a black-and-white machine for the admins and a full-featured but smaller color machine for the designers.”

printer icon 2

The cost ended up being slightly less and service calls were reduced by more than half, Greg told us.

If you want to consider multiple printers or want your office situation reviewed and analyzed, you can reach Greg or any of the Farmer team at 972-818-4500 or via the website.

The Office Farmer