The Voice of the Customer: Jeff Bindel, A #1 Air Conditioning

When a customer calls, you usually expect the worst. But the other day, we received a really unexpected note from a client that really warmed our hearts and made us feel like what we do is all worth it.A 1 Air

“(I) just wanted to reach out to you regarding your tech Rudy,” Jeff Bindel wrote. “He is awesome. He came out today and went the extra mile to make sure that the printer in my department was back up and running quickly.”

Jeff is in charge of Sales Coordination for A #1 Air Conditioning in Dallas and runs a busy office. He was talking about our Tech Rep, Rudy Camacho.

“ When he (Rudy) found out he didn’t have the part necessary to fix (the printer), he went and got it and came right back out to install it and now the printer is working perfectly.,” Jeff said.

Farmer Business Systems prides itself in having the best in sales, service and support. Stories like this make us feel like we are on the right track.

“You’ve definitely got a great guy there. He deserves a pat on the back,” Jeff said.

You can reach Rudy or any of the Farmer team by calling 972-818-4500 or through the website.

The Office Farmer