The Voice of the Customer: Jim Boswell

Self publishingThe printed word still has tremendous meaning. People still read from pages even with the advent of e-readers and on-line publications. Just ask Jim Boswell.

“As an author and researcher, I still rely on printed pages, Jim Boswell told us recently.  “Many of my readers are seniors and they depend on getting my information from printed copies.”

Mr. Boswell is a man of many talents and experiences.  In addition to writing about religious topics, his MBA and PhD degrees lend credibility to his role as a mentor and consultant to professionals in many disciplines.

“Because I self-publish my work,” Mr. Boswell continued,” the copiers and printers in my office are critical. That’s why I chose to work with Greg Farmer at Farmer Business Systems.”

Greg is founder and co-owner of Farmer Business Systems, one of the largest Xerox dealers in North Texas.

“When Jim came to me with his needs,” Greg told us,” we outfitted him with a Xerox 8900.  This color multi-function machine fit right into his operation.”

“I have found Greg to be very good at what he does,” Mr. Boswell continued. “He knew just the right questions to ask and he delivered on his promises.”

You can find Greg and his team at 972-818-4500 or through the company website.

The Office Farmer