The Voice of the Customer: Leu & Associates

Sometimes things just don’t match up.  That new tie doesn’t go with the shirt. The collar doesn’t fit the dog.

Your copier doesn’t fit your needs.

So it was with Lori A. Leu & Associates, a Plano-based law firm, and their previous office system printer. They had leased a copier-printer and found that it needed more service attention than it was giving them in output.

“We could just not depend on that machine,” Shelley Koehler said. “We spent more time on the phone and with the service tech than we did getting copies out of it.  It was painful,” she said.  “Then Susan came along.”

Susan is Susan Gifford, an account executive with Farmer Business Systems and a fellow BNI member of Erin Peirce, an associate at the firm. Farmer Business Systems is the leading office systems supplier in North Texas.  They are based in Addison, Texas.

Susan came in and did an analysis of the situation and advised the firm on what steps to take to ensure their satisfaction and also how to interact with their incumbent supplier. She analyzed the number of copies they had printed over the past year, both black and white and color, as well as how many users they had and expected to have.  Susan also coached Shelley on how to document and interact with their current supplier to ensure that they were getting the maximum service they were entitled to under their contract. She also outlined their various options.

“Susan really stepped up and helped us,” Lori Leu, the principal in the firm, said. “She and her boss, Greg Farmer, really worked hard to find the best solution, the right solution, for us,” Lori said. “I was really impressed.”

Being able to rely on their office copier printer is critical to the success of their practice. Lori A. Leu & Associates focuses on elder law, including public benefits planning, estate planning, guardianships and probate.  Time is critical in making many decisions relating to seniors.

“We need it (the copier-printer) to work and work right now,” Lori continued. “Our clients depend upon us to deliver when we say we will deliver.”

You can reach Susan, Greg and the other members of the Farmer team at 972-818-4500.

The Office Farmer