The Voice of the Customer: Liberty Healthcare of Dallas

Trust. Experience. Honesty.

Sound like good values.  They are what Zach Syvrud looks for in a business partner, it’s what he practices with his own clients.

“Being good to your word means a lot to me,” Zach said. “That’s a big reason I’ve worked with Greg these past 10 years.  He is not only honest, he saves me money, too.”

Mr. Syvrud (pronounced C-verd) is Marketing Director for Liberty Healthcare of Dallas, a group of physicians providing worker’s compensation healthcare.  Greg is Greg Farmer of Farmer Business Systems, North Texas’ premier Xerox dealer.

“Greg has provided me with not only reliable and appropriate printers and copiers, he has also given me the ultimate in service,” Mr. Syvrd said.  “He has systems that monitor everything from our toner and ink usage to how much paper we are going through and he orders it as we need it.  It’s great,” he said.

By using services like eConcierge and making regular calls on Liberty, Mr. Farmer and his team have been able to keep their client at peak efficiency and provide superior service.

Currently Liberty has 10 printer-copiers that are all high-volume, multifunction machines on a network.  Between them all they produce over 50,000 pages per month.

“Zach has been one of my best clients over the past 10 years,” Mr. Farmer told us. “He understands his needs and allows us to help him.”

To reach Greg and the team at Farmer Business Systems, call them at 972-818-4500 or visit their website.

The Business Farmer