The Voice of the Customer: Zaby & Associates, Attorneys

Being remembered is a powerful thing.  Being remembered years after the last time you talked is exceptional. Especially when that time interval is measured in years.

Say, 15 years.

“I bought a Xerox copier from Greg Farmer’s company in the mid 1990s,” Elizabeth Zaby said. “When I finally needed a new copier a few months ago, I located Greg’s company again and was delighted to find it after so many years.”

Elizabeth Zaby is an attorney in Dallas.  Her firm, Zaby & Associates Attorneys and Counselors, practices in the fields of estate planning, probate administration, fiduciary litigation, family, corporate and general civil law.  The firm was established in 1984

Greg is the founder and co-owner of Farmer Business Systems, the leading Xerox dealer in North Texas.

The original copier sold by Greg  developed a fatal problem, and the company that was servicing it quoted a price to replace it that was well out of line with the current market.

“When I was told the estimated replacement price, I knew I needed a second opinion,” Ms. Zaby continued. “That’s when I decided to go online and I found Greg’s company,” she said. Greg came back with an excellent price for each of  several options competitive with what she could find on line, Ms. Zaby recalled.

“I knew I could trust Greg Farmer’s expertise and experience with Xerox equipment,” Ms. Zaby said.  “I knew when I found Greg again, he would do the necessary research to locate a quality copier with superior maintenance to be provided by his company.”

“We’re are very pleased that Ms. Zaby found us again and decided to do business with us,” Greg said.  “Loyalty means a lot to me and I am grateful when customers like Zaby & Associates return to us.”

You can find Greg and the rest of the Farmer team by calling  972-818-4500 or by visiting their website.