The Xerox Problem Solving Process

At Farmer Business Systems we follow a number of processes in order to help our clients solve their office equipment issues in as efficient manner as possible.

One process we follow is the Xerox Problem Solving Process.

“We use this six-step process in just about every situation we encounter,” Marcus Laday said.  Marcus is a senior account manager with Farmer.  Farmer Business Systems is the most successful Xerox Dealer in North Texas.

“We say we are ‘powered by Xerox’, and we show it by using processes like these,” Marcus continued.  “The six-stp process helps us through most any situation with a client you can imagine.”

The six-step process was developed as a part of a quality improvement process by Xerox and handed down to their dealer network to ensure consistency in performance and delivery of products and services.  The process is a Malcolm Baldridge Award Winner for the Corporation.

The six steps are:

  1. Identify and select the problem.
  2. Analyze the problem.
  3. Generate potential solutions.
  4. Select and plan a specific solution.
  5. Implement that solution.
  6. Evaluate the solution.

“While at first glance, it may seem like an obvious process,” Marcus continued,” but it really does take a deliberate approach to ensure that our customers are served correctly and in a timely fashion.  This process allows for that,” he said.

“And rest assured, we don’t skip any steps,” Greg Farmer added.  Greg is the President and co-founder of Farmer Business Systems. “We are in the business of keeping our clients in business, so we leave no stone unturned,” he said.

Whether it is a lease or purchase or a service issue, Farmer Business Systems uses and follows a clear and effective process to get to completion.  For more information, you can reach Greg, Marcus or any of the members of the Farmer team at 972-818-4500.

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