Trading in Your Printer

As you go about planning and setting up your office space, consider the condition and age of your current printers.  Make a few observations:

  • How old is each printer?
  • How much do you spend on supplies for each and total?
  • How many service calls have you had in the past year?
  • How much down time?

If the answers to these questions involve a lot of expense and/or downtime, you might consider trading your older printers in for newer gear.  The advantages are:

  • You are using the value of the old machine to get you a new one.
  • Like trading an old car, someone else takes it away and disposes of it–you don’t have to.
  • You could get a deal where you can lease or get a supplies-only deal so you don’t have to actually own the machine.

Your local brand-name dealers offer many options if you are considering a trade-in.

The Office Farmer