Voice of the Customer: Ali Saatsaz Keller Williams Timeless Realty Group

Time is a most valuable commodity.  It isn’t anything to waste.  Just ask Ali Saatsaz.

“Anything that takes me away from the core of my business is a time waster,” Ali told me recently. “I am a big picture guy and can’t be weighed down with administrative details. But I do need to know enough to make an informed decision”

That’s one of the biggest reasons Ali brought in Greg Farmer to consult with him on his office system needs.  Ali’s company is Keller Williams Timeless Realty Group of Frisco and Greg is Greg Farmer of Farmer Business Systems.

“I met Greg years ago when he just repaired copiers,” Ali continued.  “As his company grew, so did mine and so did my office systems needs.  Greg knows how to boil down my requests into an understandable form so I can make informed decisions.”

Ali challenged Greg to come up with a solution for him that included “the best copier” for him.  Greg responded with a trial of three machines of different imaging systems and capabilities.  The trial allowed Ali and his staff to find the best fit for their needs.

“Ali does a lot of color in house,” Greg said. “But he also had a need for day-to-day black and white envelope printing.  We tried several types of machines and fastened on two that met his production needs and his budget.”

Ali’s marketing department designs and prints color flyers in house for distribution to his potential clients.  Speed is important and so is self-sufficiency.

“The system we set up for Ali definitely saves him time and gives him a predictable budget from month to month,” Greg added. “He is one of our best and longest-term clients and we appreciate his loyalty.”

You can reach Greg and the other members of the Farmer team at 972-818-4500 or through their website.

The Office Farmer