Warranties, Service and Repair

OK, we hear about all the time: service after the sale.  Is it for real?

Well, yes it is.  Consider printer and copier dealers and what they have to service and follow up with–probably the most-used piece of equipment in the company.  When you go to choose this critical item, consider these support items:

  • Manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Dealer’s warranty.
  • Other support plans.

The manufacturer’s plan covers the parts and serviceable items that they built into the product.  These items are limited usually to normal wear-and-tear considerations, but this is where you start when it comes to thinking about how you will cover a downed copier or printer.

Next up is a dealer warranty or coverage plan.  this is more of an add-on plan but it extends what the manufacturer (of which the dealer is a representative) covers.

Then you need to consider other plans.  These are coverage and add-on plans offered by the dealer, manufacturer or a third party.  Included in this category are programs like Xerox’ Color Freedom Plan.  Color Freedom allows the equipment user to pay only for supplies on a per-page usage and with a standardized payment that includes all supplies (paper, ink, disposables).

Consider your  service options when you are purchasing or leasing your equipment.

The Office Farmer