What to Look for in a Service Partner

Finding a service partner is like any other relationship: finding them takes time, keeping takes effort by both sides.

When looking to partner with an office equipment service provider, look for these attributes:

  • Do they offer hourly rates as well as bundled service plans?
  • What comprises their bundle?  Does it include a combination of supplies and calls?
  • Can you meet the technician before the first call?
  • Do you have a direct phone number (cell or otherwise) to the service tech?
  • Does the tech route a regular route as well as make emergency calls?
  • What is the term of the agreement–in months or years?  Is there an opt-out clause?

Ask as many questions as you can and have an open dialogue with the candidate service company.  If they are on top of their game, they will make you feel comfortable and win you over (as well as your business).

For more information on how to choose a service provider, call Farmer Business Systems at 972-818-4500, and ask for Wes Flores, Rich Crim or Thomas Lanier in the service department.

The Office Farmer