Windows 10 Upgrade and Scan-to-Network

Before you choose the free upgrade from Microsoft to upgrade your Windows 8 operating system  to Windows 10, consider it may create issues with your scan-to-network options with your multi-function printer or copier.

Fortunately this option is only in Beta testing, so, for now, you are safe.

According to Abraham Rodriguez, Technical Service Director with Farmer Business Systems, if the history of previous Windows’ upgrades is any indicator, then be on the lookout for potential issues with the Windows 10 upgrade.

“Xerox printers had problems with Microsoft Essentials and Windows 8 had a similar issue,” Abraham told us. “As a Microsoft Beta tester, we have done some preliminary testing and found that scan-to-network may not work with Windows 10 in it’s current form.”

So, what does a Xerox-owning Windows user do?

Windows 10“Sit tight with your current operating system,” Abraham said. “It will be worth the wait to avoid the headaches. If Xerox or Microsoft don’t come up with a fix before the formal release of the system, then we will do our best to fix the problem for our customers,” he said.

You can reach Abraham or any of the Farmer Business Systems team at 972-818-4500 or through the website.

The Business Farmer