Xerox Printback

In this day and age of mobility, when a new innovation comes through that makes being mobile that much easier or valuable, you really want to know about it.

“Xerox Printback is an innovative software that will allow businesses to be that much more productive in the field,” Abraham Rodriguez said. “Being able to print from anywhere in the world from their mobile device to their local printer will save time and money,” he continued.printback 01

Abraham is Technical Service Manager at Farmer Business Systems and has become an expert of sorts on this new Xerox software.

“If you can download and install the app and a Dropbox or similar app to your Apple or Android device, you can be printing in no time,” Abraham said.

“Our clients are requesting this new program as a part of our total installation of new copier printers more and more,” he said.

You can reach Abraham or any of the Farmer team by calling 972-818-4500 or through the website.

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