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Weak Polish supply benefits Dutch poultry meat

The broiler price remains stable for the fifth consecutive week. Insiders in the market report that the demand is still strong. Remarkably, the Better Life market is also doing well despite the school holidays. Furthermore, prices in Poland remain high due to a weak supply of broilers.
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Analysis Meat

DCA BestPigletPrice continues to decline


Analysis Feature

Sustainable Meat Eats into Meat alternative Market


Analysis Meat

Turbulent pig market finds calmer waters

Danish Crown 0,00 VEZG weaned piglets -3,50 The Netherlands +3.517,00 Slaughter cows (R) 0,00

Feature Chicken & Poultry

'Catching chickens differently too time-consuming'

The College of Appeal for Trade and Industry (CBb) decided on April 4 that poultry for transport may no longer be lifted by the legs. The industry appealed against this, with moderate success. A transition period has now been established. Soon, poultry will be exempt from European regulations that stipulate that animals should not be picked up by the legs, but the timing is unclear. If this takes longer than the transition period, then the poultry sector will have a problem. 'There simply is not enough personnel available to catch poultry in a different way.'
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Analysis Pigs & Pork

Pork market takes a significant hit

slachterij varkensvlees

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Van Rooi Meat keeps profit fairly stable

varkenshouderij biggen varkens - agri

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Pig market pressure impacts piglet prices