Milling Wheat Matif +4,75 update: 13:02 CET Potatoes EEX -0,60 update: 19:22 CET Sugar ICE 13,80 update: 17:54 CET Soybeans CBoT -13,75 update: 19:19 CET EUR/USD -0,0008 update: 13:14 CET
melkpoeder china

Analysis Dairy

China has to deal with a massive milk powder surplus

melk zuivel melkveebedrijf melkverwerking

Analysis Dairy

Summer weakness still far away on dairy market


Analysis Meat & Protein

Weak Polish supply benefits Dutch poultry meat

suikerbieten suiker bietenplant bietenveld

News sugar beets

Cosun prepares for more challenging sugar market


News milk

FrieslandCampina cuts emissions faster for Mars

Processing potatoes NL GER BE -2,50 Seed onions yellow >60% -1,50 Spot raw milk Germany (North) +0,50 DCA BestPigletPrice -3,00

News milk

FrieslandCampina gets benefit of doubt from S&P

veevoer brok brokken varkensvoer

Analysis Feed

Ongoing consolidation in the Dutch feed industry

zuivel kaas kaasproductie

News Commodities

Global Dairy Trade rebounds after steep fall

Milcobel Milcobel Moorslede

News milk

Belgian dairy coops in tight price competition

DOC Kaas

News Dairy

Milk Price DOC Kaas increases rapidly

melk melken melkrobot

News Dairy

Milk production will grow further, but not in EU


Interview Kaas-Pack

'Cheese a healthy product that will remain popular'

Grating, cutting, and packaging cheese is a daily routine at family business Kaas-Pack Holland in Hoogeveen. The goal is to further expand in the coming years, also in service offerings. The expected decline in dairy farming does not change their minds.
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EU benefits from weak global chicken exports

Analysis Chicken & Poultry