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The sky above the grain market is not clearing up yet

Prices on the grain market were on the rise during the last trading session, but it's not all smooth sailing. There is unrest in the Black Sea region, but the grain trade seems to assume that the consequences are not severe. The weather could have more impact on the market sentiment, but it doesn't. The proverb 'a dry year comes to you and a wet year leads away from you' also applies to grains.
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Lower sugar price sour for Südzucker results

graanexport vrachtschip

Analysis Grains

Ukraine seized a ship with 'looted' grain

tarweveld wintertarwe tarwe legeren

Analysis Grain

Rain continues to cause problems in European wheat

Processing potatoes NL GER BE -2,50 Seed onions yellow >60% -1,50 EU feed barley -7,00 Oil seed rape -2,00

News Potatoes

Emsland Group season ends with higher payout prices

Emsland Group has concluded the processing season 2023/24 for starch and flake potatoes at the end of June by determining the final payout prices. It pays a market bonus as part of the contract price.
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Analysis Sugar

Europe exports more and imports less sugar

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Analysis Grains

Russian missile attacks do not gain traction on grain market

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Analysis Potatoes

Potato crop is thriving in Dutch summer weather